[Mono-bugs] [Bug 487846] PPC code gen is inefficient in several areas

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--- Comment #22 from Steven Munroe <munroesj at us.ibm.com>  2009-07-15 15:48:24 MDT ---
Some useful comments from Mark Probst I want to capture for general info:

<schani_> i'm not sure what you mean by patch list
<sjm-G5> schani_: mono_add_patch_info() ...
<schani_> sjm-G5: that list only lives as long as the method is
compiled, so it doesn't matter if we use one more per call
<sjm-G5> schani_: I would hoping for guidence on how to detect that a
target was already resolved and how to id common targets (resolved or
<sjm-G5> also how best to maintain the deferred stub list that I
collect until we gen the epilog
<schani_> sjm-G5: mono_jit_find_compiled_method_with_jit_info()
<schani_> sjm-G5: there's a struct MonoCompileArch where you can put in
arch-dependent stuff that you want stored in the cfg
<sjm-G5> that is what I was looking for :)

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