[Mono-bugs] [Bug 519442] Inconsistent XML serialization between Mono 2.4 and .NET 3.5 throwing InvalidOperationException

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Wed Jul 15 13:08:38 EDT 2009


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--- Comment #11 from Robert Jordan <robertj at gmx.net>  2009-07-15 11:08:37 MDT ---
Ask the HNibernate devs if ignoring these fields is the expected behavior.

If they are confirming this, ask them to apply [XmlIgnore] to these fields,
because they are relying on an undocumented MS.NET feature or bug. If the
feature is documented, we'll fix it.

If they expect these fields to be serialized, we'd need a test case or at least
a link to the problematic location in their source code because I cannot
reproduce a successful XML serialization of IDictionary<K,V> under MS.NET 3.5.

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