[Mono-bugs] [Bug 487846] PPC code gen is inefficient in several areas

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Wed Jul 15 11:47:24 EDT 2009


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--- Comment #20 from Paolo Molaro <lupus at novell.com>  2009-07-15 09:47:22 MDT ---
Steven, thanks for splitting the patch and providing the performance numbers.
Did you do any investigation about the slowndown in some of the benchmarks?

Anyway, I integrated the first patch into trunk, applying the changes I
suggested on the list review a while ago.

It would be great if you could adapt the other two patches to the same mono
style patterns and to the trunk changes, so that they can be applied there
(for example adding to the existing hw apability enum introduced with my
A small note: I used the actual numbers for the PPC_FEATURE etc. defined by the
kernel, because this allows mono to be compiled with the code also on boxes
that don't have the latest kernel headers.

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