[Mono-bugs] [Bug 520021] Page.SetForm() is named Page.RegisterForm() under Mono

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--- Comment #3 from Marek Habersack <mhabersack at novell.com>  2009-07-08 16:16:38 MDT ---
(In reply to comment #2)
> Hi Marek,
Hey Steve,

> Thanks for the amazingly fast response on bugs.  I really appreciate the work
> you guys do.

> I understand your sentiment on the issue.  We have coded around it.  The bug
> report may help others identify the issue and work around it as well.  I wasn't
> sure if you wanted to know about issues of this nature.  Sometimes it is easier
Well, it is good to know what people use in real world code, but we still don't
want to make any contracts as far as the internals go. Our internals are
undoubtedly quite different to .NET's (as you are probably aware - we don't
look at .NET sources and we don't accept any patches based on knowledge
acquired that way) and it's just not practical to make this kind of change - as
there's no guarantee .NET won't change the internal call/field/method any time
in the future. Usually, such problems are easily worked around and/or they have
more "official" ways to solve them.

> to support internal and/or undocumented elements, especially if they are used
> by many.  It seemed like this "might" be a simple change in the Mono code that
> could benefit others.
Yes, indeed, but it would also mean we implicitly agree to maintain the
internal API as part of the ABI, which we won't do. In case of Mono it's a
trivial operation to look up the source code in question in one's browser, so
solutions to such problems are practically immediate.

> I hope that Telerik can provide a better solution for what we need to do.  I
> really dislike using reflection to access items that were not intended for
> public consumption.
yes, using reflection for such purposes is not really a preferred way to go,

> Thanks again for your efforts!
you're welcome

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