[Mono-bugs] [Bug 470819] crash compiling mono-basic on SLE_11/ppc64

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--- Comment #4 from craig gardner <cgardner at novell.com>  2009-01-30 13:38:37 MST ---
The build fails on any of the buildservice machines that have POWER6 procs. 
When building alone (outside of the buildservice) on the same hardware, there's
no failure.  But once a buildservice jail has been created, any attempt to
compile vbnc.exe will result in the segfault listed in the Description above.

While manually trying to identify the root cause, I tried re-using a
buildservice jail, manually calling the same commands issued by rpmbuild ->
make.  From this activity, I've been able to gather a little more info.  The
compiler spits out a little more data after the SIGSEGV:

ERROR:shared.c:492:shm_semaphores_remove: assertion failed: (proc_count > 0)
ERROR:mono-debug.c:419:allocate_data_item: assertion failed:
(table->current_chunk->current_offset == table->current_chunk->allocated_size)

Judging from the fact that this is reproducible only from within a buildservice
jail on POWER6, the OBS developers may need to be involved in helping solve
this.     The buildservice jail does a variety of things to "control" the
environment, which may be done incorrectly (unexpectedly?) on POWER6.

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