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User alexander at kojevnikov.com added comment

--- Comment #15 from Alexander Kojevnikov <alexander at kojevnikov.com>  2009-04-27 04:33:38 MDT ---
We had a chat with Jo on IRC. For those that need a workaround, here are the
steps he kindly gave me to replace GtkHtml renderer with WebKit on Ubuntu 9.04:

(19:24:31) directhex: alexkay, switch to someplace convenient like /tmp
(19:24:52) directhex: run "apt-get source mono-tools; sudo apt-get build-dep
(19:25:01) directhex: change to the mono-tools-2.0 folder
(19:25:31) directhex: type "dch -i" to give yourself a new changelog entry
(gotta be higher than the ubuntu package, or update-manager will replace your
version with the archive's)
(19:26:00) directhex: edit debian/monodoc-browser.install and change the line
that says GtkHtmlHtmlRenderer.dll to WebKitHtmlRenderer.dll
(19:26:08) directhex: dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc -rfakeroot
(19:26:16) directhex: then install the new .deb in ../
(19:33:06) alexkay: directhex: thanks mate, worked like a charm!

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