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--- Comment #12 from Jonathan Pryor <jpryor at novell.com>  2009-04-26 19:06:17 MDT ---
Ah, *now* I can reproduce it!

The "High Contrast Inverse" theme with the GtkHtml engine exhibits this
behavior, and it's the only theme engine to exhibit this behavior.

Furthermore, this will be closed as WONTFIX.

Technically, it's *several* bugs:

1. GtkHtml sucks, and is something that we don't want to support in the 
   uture.  Because it sucks, it's rendering your HTML in a most inappropriate 

2. In an ideal world, this could be fixed by using CSS2 System colors.  
   There is just one problem with this: GtkHtml doesn't support CSS AT ALL.
   (Have I mentinoed that GtkHtml sucks?)

   I shudder at the thought of what would need to be done to dynamically
   determine what colors to use that fit the theme you're running, much
   less insert those colors into the HTML that's provided to GtkHtml.

3. The Ubuntu packages are broken, as Ubuntu is only shipping the GtkHtml

1 and 3 are the biggies.  We want to remove GtkHtml (lack of CSS2, not
maintained, etc.), but because of (3) GtkHtml is the only renderer Ubuntu users
can currently use.  Oops.

I've talked with directhex about this (on #mono, irc.gnome.org), and he'll be
attempting to correct the Ubuntu packages so that a decent HTML renderer can be
shipped with future Ubuntu releases.

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