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--- Comment #1 from Daniel Morgan <monodanmorg at yahoo.com>  2008-09-26 18:05:42 MDT ---
I don't think anyone uses OleDb in mono since it is difficult to setup.  And
the libgda hackers don't bother to make their API backwards compatible.

My suggestion, don't even include the old libgda depenedencies in your
distribution.  If OleDb fails, so what, nobody uses it anyways.

Another suggestion: add the Obsolete attribute to classes in the OleDb
namespace to indicate to people not to use it.  Or even better, modify OleDb
not to use libgda anymore.  Anytime you try to create a class in OleDb,
NotImplementedException could be thrown.  Or wrap the OleDb provider around the
Odbc provider.  

Modifying OleDb to the latest libgda is a complete waste of time in my opinion.
 I'm not saying libgda is bad, I just don't see people using OleDb on Mono. 
For C or C++ programs, I do see value in libgda with glib 2.x or gtk+ 2.x
software.  I just don't see the point with Mono and C#.

Besides, ODBC is the universal data access layer anyways.  It is an ISO, ANSI,
and IEEE standard.

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