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--- Comment #12 from Andreia Gaita <avidigal at novell.com>  2008-09-04 12:54:12 MDT ---
So, this appears to be happening on one of two situations:

1) gluezilla was built against xulrunner 1.8, but gets executed with xulrunner
1.9 (or vice-versa)

2) xulrunner is loading components from it's cache without checking whether
they are the right ones (yes, it does this, and no, it doesn't complain, just
loads them blindly). when it actually tries to load the component (as in, tries
to actually initialize the browser), it crashes. the components can be wrong in
the cache if you've ran an application that uses a gluezilla built with 1.8
(like the one your system ships), and then you try to run an svn version built
with 1.9.

On svn and the latest mono-2.0 tag, issue 1) is fixed by forcing a specific
runtime version. If gluezilla was built with 1.8, it will not try to load 1.9
even if it is the only one present.

Issue 2) is being sorted out and hopefully will land before the release. In the
meantime, the cache files are kept in ~/.local/share/.mono/mozilla, so you can
delete that mozilla directory to clean out the cache and try again.

Please let me know whether one of these solutions fixes it for you. There might
be the possibility that your distro (excluding suse and ubuntu that I know of)
might be patching xulrunner to such an extent that it makes it unstable when
gluezilla tries to use it :P

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