[Mono-bugs] [Bug 421734] PropertyGrid: Does not allow two properties with the same name , but .NET does

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--- Comment #2 from Ivan Zlatev <contact at i-nz.net>  2008-09-01 04:05:53 MDT ---
As Andy said it won't throw exceptions with post 1.9.x mono (either mono 2.0
pre-release) or SVN HEAD. This is what bug 394317 uncovered.

Still the behavior with multiple properties with the same name both on MSNET
and us is undefined and undocumented. I believe MSNET will try to set the value
of both properties when you set only one and we will just populate the
propertygrid with the same property twice. This is because we and probably ms
too rely on the property name as a key on various places.

I will look into enumerating over the PropertyDescriptorCollection instead of
using the indexer property during our propertygrid population, which would
fully fix. This will happen in bug 421879, which I have just filed with this

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