[Mono-bugs] [Bug 431618] [regression] mono --trace falls in an infinite loop

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Thu Oct 2 17:19:08 EDT 2008


User aaragoneses at novell.com added comment

--- Comment #3 from Andrés G. Aragoneses <aaragoneses at novell.com>  2008-10-02 15:19:08 MDT ---
"mono bug.exe" takes less than 1 sec to open.

"mono --trace bug.exe > /dev/null" seems to work!, although it takes some more

I guess we should close this as invalid then, but amazingly, without the
redirection to /dev/null, it can stay for MINUTES (I've already waited more
than 10) and no form appears (haven't had the patience yet to wait more than 10
minutes), whereas mono 1.9 opens it in less than one minute, so it may be a
performance problem on the runtime or libs?

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