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--- Comment #6 from Marek Habersack <mhabersack at novell.com>  2008-12-12 19:44:19 MST ---
This appears to be a bug in the runtime introduced into the 2.2 branch after my
last comment to this bug (Dec 8). The error occurs with the code below:

Console.WriteLine ("Page.Master == {0}", Page.Master);

Console.WriteLine ("ScriptManager1 == {0}", Page.Master.FindControl

Console.WriteLine ("ScriptManager1 is ScriptManager: {0}",
Page.Master.FindControl ("ScriptManager1") is ScriptManager);


The CWLs were added by me, the last line comes from the MojoPortal
sources (Web/Controls/SiteModuleControl.cs:52). Here's the output when running
the application under xsp2 from branch:

Page.Master == ASP.data_sites_1_skins_styleshout_techmania_layout_master
ScriptManager1 == System.Web.UI.ScriptManager
ScriptManager1 is ScriptManager: False

This is most likely the cause of the error in blog starter kit as well. It
appears that the runtime improperly checks the type of the returned control and
so the type cast fails.

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