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--- Comment #3 from Andy Hume <andyhume32 at yahoo.co.uk>  2008-08-21 15:12:32 MDT ---
Any reason why the check integers in the test aren't in hexadecimal?  In hex
it's apparent that the test (and the implementation) is wrong. :-,(

A example patch to the test is attached.  Note that the 0x41 byte in the input
is correctly now apparent in the result values where it wasn't before.

The implementation fault is likely within the following code.
   if (total >= 0x00010000) {
      total = ((total - 0x00010000) / 0x0400 + 0xD800);
      surrogate = ((total - 0x00010000) % 0x0400 + 0xDC00);
'total' is used in the 'surrogate' calculation but that's *after* it's been
modified itself! :-)  Swap the two lines?

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