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--- Comment #3 from Zoltan Varga <vargaz at gmail.com>  2008-04-21 08:23:52 MST ---
First of all: crashes which occur in native code are not converted to
in recent versions of mono, so Glib.ExceptionManager is no use here. Also,
adding a try-catch around the g_free () call does not catch the exception,
there is no exception to catch, it just perturbs the behaviour of the program a 
bit, so it crashes instead of hands.

When we detect a SIGSEGV in native code, we try to print out stack traces to
help us or the user to diagnose what is happening. After a invalid operation in
the program, nothing is guaranteed to work, so the process of printing stack 
traces might itself hang. The only thing we can do about this is to avoid
printing stack traces, so users would only see a mysterious crash with 0
information. I'm not sure that would be better than the current behavior.

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