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--- Comment #1 from Marek Habersack <mhabersack at novell.com>  2007-11-05 02:36:47 MST ---
As for your first problem (disappearing cyrillics characters). This is probably
caused by the codepage used in your file. I have cut and pasted your sample
into an editor using UTF8 - it compiled fine (after removing the CodeFile and
Inherits attributes, since you don't provide the code-behind source) and the
page displays the string without problems. On Windows you're probably using a
code page that's not UTF8 - in order to compile a file encoded in that code
page, you should specify it on the (g)mcs line (using the -codepage parameter -
see man mcs), or by recoding the file to UTF8.

As for your second problem - our asp.net parser is not fully compliant with the
MS.NET's one. It is due for a rewrite sometime after we release Mono 2.0. For
the moment, you can work around the problem by using &lt; and &gt; entities in
your .aspx source instead of the literal > and < characters, respectively. 

I am going to file a bug about the parser bug to keep it as a reference for
later, but I'm closing this report.

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