[Mono-bugs] [Bug 336676] Double free in libgamin

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Fri Nov 2 05:56:05 EDT 2007


--- Comment #7 from Frederic MEYER <f.meyer at tetco.fr>  2007-11-02 03:56:04 MST ---
Hi all.

To follow up on this one.

- the distrib that we validate our software on is RHEL 4 Update 1. So no
inotify built in ;o( - we might have to think about validating an up to date
distrib. But this is quite some work and will take time. Any thoughts about the
time you will validate/deliver RHEL 5 rpms ?
- in the mean time, I saw that I can update the gamin rpm alone (no
dependencies whatsoever) so I'll make a few tests and try this path. So far it
seems ok.
- as far as I can recall, modifying files like Web.config / updating assemblies
was working ok since mono 1.2.3. Problems really begin to happen starting with
1.2.4. Distrib is the same. May be this will help tracking the change that
cause the problem.

As a nice to have it will be great if, included in the release, a tool would
show, dynamically, what Watcher mono will rely on.


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