[Mono-bugs] please read indulge in each other

kenyatta harper carollsen@netster.com
Sat, 31 Jan 2004 19:34:25 -1100

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you have to try this :)   <BR>               
If you do not see a picture below, please hold<BR><BR>
<a cqmmiq=http://wagvixugbsvnatvvca.com href=
<img dkbh=http://btvmmlhaarwhcbdsomqwqdi.com src=
</a><BR>   Zeb drew back with a shiver  <BR>
I wouldn't dare try, he said          <BR>Why doesn't the Demon get up a
conversation machine that will speak all languages? By dint of much inquiry,
however, and after walking several miles following ambiguous directions, he
managed to reach the residence of President Loubet
Maybe Jim will go, continued Dorothy, looking at the horse But there he was
politely informed that the President was busily engaged in his garden, and
would see no one