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OTC FIRST ALERT - 2003 Third Quarter Net Income Rose 76.8%

Symbol: QENC
Market: OTC
Sector: High End Natural Bottle Water 

BREAKING NEWS: JERICHO, N.Y., Jan 28, 2004 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Queench, Inc=
(OTC: QENC) In Negotiations with 7-Eleven Stores for Nationwide Launch of =

Queench Products - 7-Eleven is looking forward to adding to their inventor=
various sizes of Queench water products. 7-Eleven has more than 4000 store=
nationwide. Each store consistently serves on average 1300 customers in a =

24-hour period, giving Queench products added exposure within their market=

BREAKING NEWS: JERICHO, NEW YORK, Jan 20, 2004 (CCNMatthews) -- Queench, I=
(OTC: QENC) Board of Directors include Spencer Gillette, Chairperson - Vic=
President of Blimpie Corporation, Bill Ford - Owner of Ford Modeling Agenc=
La-Van Hawkins - President of Hawkins Food Group, Curtis Martin - New York=
Jets All-Star Running Back...

BREAKING NEWS:  Jan 8, 2004 -- QENC is now a full-time supplier of bottled=
water to the military.  QENC today announced that it has completed inspect=
and approval of its water bottling plants by the U.S. Army Veterinary Comm=

BREAKING NEWS:  Nov. 13, 2003 -- QENC 2003 Third Quarter Net Income Rose 7=
The Third Quarter Net Income ending 9/30/03 increased 76.8% from the Q2, a=
nd a 
987% increase year-to-year. Net income for the 9 months ending 9/30/03 
resulted in a 1274% year-to-year increase.

Jim Furey of Lehman Brothers says, "You want to own small stocks versus la=
stocks when economic growth is accelerating, which is exactly the period w=
in now."
QENC is a small company perfectly poised to harness the $7.6 billion bottl=
water segment with a high quality premium brand priced competitively.
The bottled water segment is the fastest growing of the beverage market.  =
the $100 billion beverage industry, bottled water is nearly $7.6 billion 
annually, and forecasted to grow over 50% over the next 5 years.  
In this bottled water segment, QENC has the best of both worlds, where unl=
Aquafina and Dasani, QENC is high-end natural spring water, and unlike Evi=
QENC is competitively priced.  QENC's target consumer is health and beauty=
conscious including Gen Y, Gen X, and Baby Boomers who live a metropolitan=
QENC currently offers two fantastic product lines: Queech Natural Spring W=
and the Queech Flavored Water Beverages, which are vitamin-enhanced and co=
in five cool new flavors: Coconut, O' Ginger, Red Raspberry, Pineapple and=


Jan 28, 2004 QENC announced today that 7-Eleven is looking forward to addi=
to their inventory various sizes of Queench water products. 7-Eleven has m=
than 4000 stores nationwide. Each store consistently serves on average 130=
customers in a 24-hour period, giving Queench products added exposure with=
their market share. 

QENC bottled water is nationally distributed through SYSCO FOODS.  SYSCO F=
is the largest food distributor operating 145 locations and has sales and =

service relationships with 420,000 customers including restaurants, health=
and educational facilities, lodging establishments, and more.  This 
relationship provides key access to new markets with low capital requireme=

Naomi Campbell's NC CONNECT integrated marketing agency, has signed to hel=
QENC reach national and global consumers by providing marketing and 
advertising that will position QENC as a major lifestyle brand in the bott=
water market.  
01/08/04: QENC completed inspection and approval of its plants by the US A=
Veterinary Command (VETCOM).  QENC's been supplying the military contract =
the South and Florida and the Army has been increasing orders on a monthly=
basis, which will result in higher Q1 2004 revenue.
12/03/03: QENC's strategically placing new eye-catching vending machines i=
locations on college campuses, retail, entertainment and sports venues and=
convenience stores.  500 vending machines installed in initial rollout in =
with approx. 2,500 vending machines to be installed in a 3-year period. Th=
beverage-vending channel is typically highly profitable.


7-Eleven is looking forward to adding to their inventory various sizes of =

Queench water products. 

12/03/03: QENC is currently shipping over 54,000 cases of bottled water 
quarterly, with a year-to-date quarterly revenue growth rate of 19.7=
QENC's NET INCOME for the Q3 ending 9/30/03 increased 76.8% from the Q2, a=
nd a 
987% increase year-to-year. Net income for the 9 months ending 9/30/03 
resulted in a 1274% year-to-year increase.
QENC's SALES for the Q2 of 2002 increased 77% to $848,269 year-to-year, fr=
$478,052, as a result of rolling out new product lines and implementing a =

channel development strategy.
QENC's high quality premium water is priced very competitive, they have an=
excellent distribution channel with SYSCO and strategically placed vending=
machines, and a marketing campaign designed to focus on their target marke=
For a young company QENC has made substantial accomplishments and is poise=
d to 
harness their segment of the $7.6 billion bottle water industry.

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