[Mono-bugs] 360 front axle spins

Holiday Special Holidaycadvfkube@ijustdontcare.com
Sun, 07 Dec 2003 06:01:16 -0500

#1 Holiday Toy of the year - Turbo Twister

They're the Hottest RC stunt cars in the world! At just 2" 
long, these amazing mini cars run in forward and reverse, 
turn on a dime, rotate, flip, and tumble everywhere! The 
front wheels can rotate at a 360 degree angle, just like a 
propeller, while the car is moving forward or backwards, 
creating amazing stunts at blazing speeds and absolutely 
incredible acrobatics like wheelies, spins, and flips! 

Kids of all ages will love this unbelievable stunt 
car! It's the ultimate stocking stuffer!

Available for limited time only - free Fedex Shipping 


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