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On Mon, Sep 29, 2014 at 7:47 AM, Fernando Rodriguez <
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> On Friday 26 September 2014 3:34:50 PM Chris Rogus wrote:
> > 1) If there is something easy and obvious that I am missing in my config,
> > please let me know.  (e.g. the global or Views web.config files are
> > different between MS VS and Mono, for sure, but I am not an expert with
> > these files to know exactly what is needs to be changed in the MS VS one,
> > if anything, to fix this situation)
> >
> > 2) Otherwise, any advice on how I could figure out exactly where this
> error
> > is coming from?  What dll is missing or what line in my config xml is not
> > right, etc?  How can I debug an ASP.NET application in Mono -- using
> xsp4
> > or monodevelop anything else?
> I could never get MVC5 to work on Mono but if you don't use any of the new
> features in MVC5 you can just rebuild your app on MonoDevelop referencing
> the
> System.Web.Mvc.dll version 4 from Microsoft and it should work, here's
> what I
> did to get it working:
> 1. Download and install MVC4 if you haven't already.\
> 2. Open your VS2013 project in MonoDevelop on Linux and change the
> System.Web.Mvc reference to the one that ships with MS MVC4. Make sure the
> copy local checkbox it ticked.
> 3. Change the System.Web.WebPages.* references to the version 3.0.0 that
> comes
> with mono. I copied them from the GAC to a directory on my solution tree
> and
> added the reference from there checking copy local. On the latest version
> of
> MonoDevelop if you add it from the GAC or the framework directory and tick
> copy local it will copy a lot of stuff that will break your app.
> 4. Change both Web.config files so that all references to System.Web.Mvc
> use
> version and all references to System.Web.WebPages use version
> 5. Build and run the solutiion on MonoDevelop. It should work.
> When you scaffold an edit view with VS2013 it will add the css classes to
> the
> Html.EditorFor, MVC4 ignores it so the form controls are not formatted for
> bootstrap, my solution was to use jQuery to set the css class. Also VS2013
> mvc
> template references site.css but the file is called Site.css, you need to
> fix
> this so it works right on XSP.
> The Web.config files that VS created for me are called Web, not web so
> you'll
> probably have to rename yours.
> >
> > 3) What do I need to do to get an ASP.NET solution created in
> MonoDevelop
> > to open in MS VS?  (Hopefully this is the same solution as getting my MS
> VS
> > ASP.NET site to work in Mono/xsp4.)
> I created my solution in Visual Studio and it opens in both. I've been
> mostly
> working on Linux but if I need to work on VS I need to change the assembly
> references back.
> > 4) Any advice on where Mono might already have a Publish feature like MS
> VS
> > has in MonoDevelop?  Or else where I should go add one if no such feature
> > yet exists, if it acceptable to the team in charge of this product (I
> don't
> > want to do it, submit a pull request and be told it is an undesired
> > feature).  Such a feature would very helpful for me.
> Project > Deploy to Web... (on Version 5.0.1). It can only deploy to a
> local
> directory or network share.
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