[Mono-aspnet-list] Mono ASP.NET vs MS VS

Fernando Rodriguez frodriguez.developer at outlook.com
Sun Sep 28 21:47:43 UTC 2014

On Friday 26 September 2014 3:34:50 PM Chris Rogus wrote:
> 1) If there is something easy and obvious that I am missing in my config,
> please let me know.  (e.g. the global or Views web.config files are
> different between MS VS and Mono, for sure, but I am not an expert with
> these files to know exactly what is needs to be changed in the MS VS one,
> if anything, to fix this situation)
> 2) Otherwise, any advice on how I could figure out exactly where this error
> is coming from?  What dll is missing or what line in my config xml is not
> right, etc?  How can I debug an ASP.NET application in Mono -- using xsp4
> or monodevelop anything else?

I could never get MVC5 to work on Mono but if you don't use any of the new 
features in MVC5 you can just rebuild your app on MonoDevelop referencing the 
System.Web.Mvc.dll version 4 from Microsoft and it should work, here's what I 
did to get it working:

1. Download and install MVC4 if you haven't already.\

2. Open your VS2013 project in MonoDevelop on Linux and change the 
System.Web.Mvc reference to the one that ships with MS MVC4. Make sure the 
copy local checkbox it ticked.

3. Change the System.Web.WebPages.* references to the version 3.0.0 that comes 
with mono. I copied them from the GAC to a directory on my solution tree and 
added the reference from there checking copy local. On the latest version of 
MonoDevelop if you add it from the GAC or the framework directory and tick 
copy local it will copy a lot of stuff that will break your app.

4. Change both Web.config files so that all references to System.Web.Mvc use 
version and all references to System.Web.WebPages use version

5. Build and run the solutiion on MonoDevelop. It should work.

When you scaffold an edit view with VS2013 it will add the css classes to the 
Html.EditorFor, MVC4 ignores it so the form controls are not formatted for 
bootstrap, my solution was to use jQuery to set the css class. Also VS2013 mvc 
template references site.css but the file is called Site.css, you need to fix 
this so it works right on XSP.

The Web.config files that VS created for me are called Web, not web so you'll 
probably have to rename yours.

> 3) What do I need to do to get an ASP.NET solution created in MonoDevelop
> to open in MS VS?  (Hopefully this is the same solution as getting my MS VS
> ASP.NET site to work in Mono/xsp4.)

I created my solution in Visual Studio and it opens in both. I've been mostly 
working on Linux but if I need to work on VS I need to change the assembly 
references back.

> 4) Any advice on where Mono might already have a Publish feature like MS VS
> has in MonoDevelop?  Or else where I should go add one if no such feature
> yet exists, if it acceptable to the team in charge of this product (I don't
> want to do it, submit a pull request and be told it is an undesired
> feature).  Such a feature would very helpful for me.

Project > Deploy to Web... (on Version 5.0.1). It can only deploy to a local 
directory or network share.

Fernando Rodriguez
frodriguez.developer at outlook.com

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