[Mono-aspnet-list] compile Masterpage's masterpage

barrct chris at nabor.com
Mon Mar 24 13:20:34 UTC 2014

Well, it is an ASP.NET application, but since ASP.NET is being compiled by
mono, then it's a mono compiler issue.

This is a website, so we have index.aspx (and index.aspx.cs) that is a child
of cmsMaster.master (and cmsMaster.master.cs) that is a child of
uiMaster.master (and uiMaster.master.cs).
The first two levels get compiled, index.aspx and cmsMaster.master. The
issue is when cmsMaster tries to access the site UI template
(uiMaster.master) uiMaster does not exist, it did not compile and so
cmsMaster throws an error that it's missing the reference.

It's just a simple masterpage, wouldn't creating an entire project and
compiling a single page be quite a lot of work for something that's just a
bug in the compiler?
I don't think that our entry devs could grasp the idea that if they need to
update a classname in the ui master that they need to open a different
project, edit the file, compile it to a DLL, and then copy then copy that
compiled DLL into the website that they are working on. Again, that's a ton
of work to get around a bug.
I also don't think that the Board of Directors would be happy to know about
such a cobb-job of a way to get the website running.

Since this is a website, we could go back to Windows, but then management
costs would go up, hardware costs would go up, software costs would go up,
security would go down, stability would go down, speed would go down. I
really have zero interest in the pitfalls of running Windows as our primary
application infrastructure again.

I'd like to focus on a resolution to the deficiency within the mono
If there is a patch for the bug, I'd like to know of that.
If there is a call that can be made, possibly the sub-master creating a var
of the master to kick it to compile, I'd like to know how.
If there is a flag to compile the uiMaster on every request (where it's
outdated), I'd like to hear that option.
If there is going to be nothing to help developers and corporations use the
mod-mono software, and leave the bugs in place, disallowing any sort or real
world use, I'd like to know that so that I can re-arch every single
application that will be releasing this year.

It's a very simple issue, as I see it, the compiler doesn't recurse all the
way down that's needed, as the original Windows compiler does. It seems like
it assumes there is only 1 master, ever, and doesn't even try/check for
others that might be required.

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