[Mono-aspnet-list] How to find working web server for Mono WebAPI application

Andrus kobruleht2 at hot.ee
Sat Dec 21 17:26:06 UTC 2013

Mono 3.2 MVC4 WebAPI application is running in Debian x64 VPS server. Mono 
is compiled from source and 4.5 subtree is used.
Application requires Chrome or Safari browser.

After refreshing browser window several times server does not work properly. 
I tried all known free possibilites:

1. Apache + mod_mono
After pressing browser refresh button several times server randomly returns 
500 error for some pages
and apache error log contains "failed to map path" exception.

I posted it in


and in this list without any response.

There are number of mono applications in server, maybe mod_mono selects 
wrong thread or is there some bug in webapi mapping implementation in mono.

2. Nginx + mono-fastcgi-server4.exe
Holding down F5 key causes 200% CPU usage forever in 

I posted it in


and in this list without any response.

Is looks like there is bug in mono fastcgi server or it is not compatible 
with mono 3.2

3. Using xsp4.exe directly causes "server does not return data" in Chrome if 
browser window is refreshed several times.

I posted this in Chrome bug repot without response.

It looks like xsp4 does not implement http protocol properly.

Havent tries ServiceStack since it looks like it is not free and aplication 
uses also images, css, js files and MVC views which needs also served.

How to create proper server for mono which returns correct data ?


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