[Mono-announce-list] Banshee 1.7.4 released

Gabriel Burt gabriel.burt at gmail.com
Wed Aug 11 16:39:24 EDT 2010


We just released Banshee 1.7.4, part of our active-development 1.7
series leading up to a stable 1.8 release September 29th.

New Features Since 1.7.3:

  * User manual available via Help » Contents menu and F1

Enhancements/API Additions:

  * Duplicate Genre solver in Metadata Fixup extension
  * Support for Amazon MP3 purchases containing PDFs and videos
  * Improved Metadata Fixup support for non-English languages

Notable Bugs Fixed (45 fixed since 1.7.3):

  * bgo#588255: Fix notification icon transparency
  * bgo#619036: Fix glitchy search entry
  * bgo#625210: Better handling of non-US Amazon stores
  * bgo#624569: Fix scrolling Extensions list with keyboard
  * bgo#625340: Fix .amz mime file conflict with official downloader
  * bgo#553433: Fix issue that could block song scrobbling
  * bgo#600340: Fix subscribing to certain podcasts (eg podbean.com)
  * bgo#620826: Fix URIs of tracks synced to iPods
  * bmc#1115:   Fix a pipeline deadlock evident on MeeGo

Learn more: http://banshee.fm/download/archives/1.7.4

Thanks to everybody who contributed!


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