[Mono-announce-list] ANNOUNCE: F-Spot 0.7.2 Released!

Ruben Vermeersch ruben at savanne.be
Wed Aug 11 09:33:38 EDT 2010

I've just released F-Spot 0.7.2. This release contains a ton of
stability improvements and is the last release before the long-term
stable 0.8 release which will come in a week.

The most important change is one for developers: you can now use
Monodevelop to work on F-Spot. Get your hacking shoes on!

>From the NEWS file:

f-spot 0.7.2 - Aug 11 2010 - Retooled
- Third release of the unstable 0.7 development series. Features a fully
  restructured source tree with full Monodevelop build support. Solves
  some of the regressions introduced in 0.7.1.
 - Reorganized source tree for clarity, builds with Monodevelop.
 - Switched from QueuedSqliteDatabase to HyenaSqliteConnection (Mike
 - Build tweaks (Christian Krause)
 - More GtkBuilder transition (Eric Faehnrich)
 - Reliability improvements (lots of them) for metadata handling (Mike
   Gemünde, Ruben Vermeersch)
 - Prune empty directories when deleting photos, import usability
   enhancements (Mike Wallick)
 - Big race-condition fix in import (Paul Wellner Bou)
 - Loads of improvements to Taglib#, in terms of handling broken files,
   extra format support (Pentax, Panasonic, Leica), stability and
   correctness (Ruben Vermeersch)
 - Reporting of import errors.
 - Speedups to repeated imports of the same directory.
 - Piles of cleanups and general stability improvements.
 - Over 50 bugs closed (http://bit.ly/cqpC3y)

More info on my weblog:

Many thanks to everyone who made this release possible:


	Christian Krause, Eric Faehnrich, Mike Gemünde, Mike Wallick,
	Paul Wellner Bou, Ruben Vermeersch, Tim Retout, Łukasz Jernaś


	Andrej Žnidaršič (Slovenian), Aron Xu (Simplified Chinese),
	Daniel Nylander	(Swedish), Jorge González (Spanish), Kjartan
	Maraas (Norwegian bokmål), Mario Blättermann (German), Yoshizumi
	ENDO (Japanese), Zdeněk Hataš (Czech)

This new release can be downloaded here:

        Or through GNOME git, using the 0.7.2 tag.

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