[Mono-announce-list] ANNOUNCE: Babuine Component Model 0.4

Néstor Salceda nestor.salceda at gmail.com
Sat Feb 24 05:39:05 EST 2007

Babuine Component Model

This is the release of a new stable version, the first one announced on
the mailing list.

Don't hesitate to contact with me if you wish to contribute to the
project or you'd like to see any other feature that hasn't been
implemented yet. Also, any idea or art that you believe could improve
the project will be welcome.

What's Babuine Component Model?

Babuine Component Model is a component software model. It allows you to
write software components easily.

By using Babuine Component Model you can quickly create deployment
unities that will hold specific features which you'll be able to reuse
in any other application without any extra cost.

The whole component wired logic is abstracted so that the developer is
only concerned about those features that will improve the application.

The framework compels programming best practices by using well known
design patterns like Model View Controller, Data Transfer Object,
Bussines Objects, Factory, Singleton ...

New features:

* Initial component load and instantiation time is now shorter.
* Allows installation into the GAC.
* Preliminary plans for DBC (Design By Contract) programming. 
* Preconditions and postconditions will only be checked if the DEBUG
flag is
enabled during compilation.
* Logs are activated when the assembly has been compiled with the DEBUG
flag enabled.
* Use of generic collections.
* New unit tests.
* Component Assembly looks up in the directory where the application
assembly is located. 
* Persistence interface based on DAO Design Pattern.

More information and download.


Néstor Salceda <nestor.salceda at gmail.com>

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