[Mono-announce-list] MonoDoc 0.2 released.

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
05 Mar 2003 02:48:51 -0500

Here it is, your moment of Zen:

Monodoc 0.2, by Miguel de Icaza, Duncan Mak.

* What is this

	This is a preliminary release of the Mono Documentation
	Browser, a tool that can be used to browse the API
	documentation that is provided with Mono. 

	The new version includes vastly improved rendering, and
	includes namespace rendering, which will be very useful for
	those of you who want to document, as it is easy to spot what
	is missing.

* The documentors

	Duncan Mak, Hector Gomez, Jeffrey Stedfast, Kevin Breit, Lee
	Malabone, Martin Willemoes Hansen, Miguel de Icaza, Peter
	Williams, Raphael J. Schmid.

	We documented 71 classes, which is 10% of the effort for
	documenting Gtk#.  Some of them even with examples.

	A lot of the work has been in copying and editing the contents
	from Gtk+.   But in some places we have excelled, and we have
	incorporated more documentation from other free documentation,
	added examples, and added pointers which are missing from the
	general Gtk+ documentation.  

	We believe strongly that we can simplify vastly GUI
	development, and good documentation is a central piece of
	this effort.   Please join us in finishing this documentation

* Details

	The current release contains two major components:

		* Base class libraries documentation.

		* Gtk# documentation.

	The current release contains documentation that was extracted
	from the ECMA specification, so it is not a complete set of
	documents for all the classes in .NET
	The Gtk# documentation contains stubs automatically generated,
	and thanks to the help of the great mono-docs team, progress
	is rapidly happening on this front.

* The release

	The source code is not being released, only a binary of the
	documentation browser that requires the latest version of Mono
	and Gtk#.

	The binaries are cross-platform, so they should work on any
	Mono platform with Gtk 2.x.  In addition, the GtkHTML widget
	from GNOME CVS HEAD is required (cvs co gtkhtml, on the gnome
	cvs repository).

	Those interested in the source code for Monodoc can download
	it from the Mono Anonymous CVS repository (for more details
	see: http://www.go-mono.com/anoncvs.html).

* Availability


* The coders

	Duncan Mak, Miguel de Icaza.