[Mono-announce-list] New mono development mailing list.

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
02 Mar 2003 16:11:50 -0500

Hello everyone,

   [Thanks go to Paolo for drafting the charter of Mono-Devel-List]

   As the traffic on mono-list increases and the developer community
around Mono increases as well, we have created and activated a mailing
list specifically dedicated to discussions about developing Mono and 
programming *with* Mono.  Programmers that work on Mono are _strongly_
encouraged to join this list.

   To join:


   Third-party programmers interested in running or compiling their
managed applications with Mono or that are interested in using
mono-specific technologies should join the list as well.

Examples of on-topic arguments are:

        *) proposals and patches for new features for the mono runtime
	   and programs
        *) discussions about bugs in the mono runtime and programs
        *) discussions about future directions
        *) embedding API, scripting language bridges
        *) mono/mcs build issues
        *) programming with mono-specific assemblies
        *) discussions about third-party compilers that target and/or
	   use directly the CLR
        *) discussions about getting a managed application run with mono

Topics that are better discussed on other mailing lists:

        *) general C# questions (use the specific lists at develop.com)
        *) issues that are already covered by a more specific mono
           mailing list (like System.Windows.Forms or Gtk#)
        *) success reports about new apps running on mono, including
           runtime/build time support for new programming languages (use
           mono-list to reach a wider audience)

Topics that should not happen on mono-devel:

        *) flame wars:-)
        *) discussions about bugs in non-mono applications
        *) hot topics you wouldn't want reported on slashdot:-)