[Mono-announce-list] AnonCVS access to the Mono CVS repository available.

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
01 Dec 2001 20:44:28 -0500

Hey guys,

	Anonymous access to the Mono is available currently from the
	HispaLinux CVS server (later I will provide a nice
	anoncvs.go-mono.com alias).

	The server is currently located in Spain.  If you want to
	become an AnonCVS mirror, check below.

* Checking out the sources

	To check out the sources for the first time from the
	repository, use this command:

	export CVSROOT=:pserver:anonymous@reypastor.hispalinux.es:/mono
	cvs co -z3 mcs mono gtk-sharp

	That will get you the compiler and class libraries (mcs), the
	interpreter and JITer (mono) and the Gtk# bindings.

	To update your sources every day, you use this command:

	export CVSROOT=:pserver:anonymous@reypastor.hispalinux.es:/mono
	cvs update -dP -z3 mcs mono gtk-sharp

* Thanks

	Thanks to <a href="http://www.hispalinux.es">HispaLinux</a>
	for providing this Anon CVS server.  The server is located in

	Special thanks to Jesus Climent, Rodrigo Moya, Juantomás
	García and Ismael Olea for making this happen.

* Becoming an AnonCVS mirror

	To become an AnonCVS mirror, you currently need about 20
	megabytes of free disk space and bandwidth that you do not
	mind sharing (you probably want enough to spare).

	I need to be able to rsync to your machine from the main CVS
	server.  The preferred method to rsync is to setup ssh in your

Have fun,