[Gtk-sharp-list] Help on getting Webkit Widget in Monodevelop?

Jacek Rużyczka stacheldraht at interia.pl
Sun Sep 15 14:25:36 UTC 2013

OK, Mono 3.2.1 is available through the (slightly hidden) Mono:Factory

This, however is not enough: If the app was originally built against an
older Mono version, you have to create a config file and put it into the
same folder the EXE of your app already lies in:

    <supportedRuntime version="v4.0" /> 

Background: The latest webkit-sharp version seems to be compiled
against .NET 4.0. If you don't force your app to run against .NET 4.0,
the Mono runtine might switch back to 2.0, so webkit-sharp would run on
a deprecated runtime version and crash.

If Mono warns you about a runtime version your app does not support,
something will be wrong with the abovementioned config.

Kind regards
Jacek Rużyczka

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