[Gtk-sharp-list] gtk-sharp-3 2.99.2 for windows

"Andrés G. Aragoneses" knocte at gmail.com
Wed Dec 18 00:37:31 UTC 2013

On 16/12/13 20:54, Alpha Page wrote:
> Hello,
> For info, libgtk-win32-3.0-0.dll wasn't found in Mono folder. I just
> need to add and rename libgtk-3-0.dll from gtk3 bin folder.
> It seems to work well for now. Congrats.

Oh, could you be more specific please? This is very useful information.
And the best way to represent your changes is in DIFF format. Any chance
you can provide a diff for this? Thanks

> Is it possible to build for Runtime version = 4.0 easily ? For now, it
> is build for runtime version 2.0.

Yes, it should be a matter of changing the target framework in the
.csproj files if you're building with .NET, or changing the makefiles to
build with dmcs (instead of gmcs) if you're building with Mono.

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