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Anyware Electronics any at anyelec.com
Thu Apr 18 05:53:13 UTC 2013

Thank you Dylan, it works!
Both "Arial" and "Arial 10" work and the size changes accordingly.


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On Tue, Apr 16, 2013 at 7:23 AM, Anyware Electronics <any at anyelec.com> wrote:
> CellRenderer Col0r=new CellRendererText();

Try not casting it to the base class:

CellRendererText Col0r=new CellRendererText();

> ...
> // Select fonts here ???
> Col0r.CellBackground="Green"; // it works
> Col0r.Font="Arial"; // error:
> This gives an error, as you may see in the enclosed image.

I don't remember from my own text editor work (been a few years), but
if "Arial" doesn't work, try "Arial 10".

- Dylan

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