[Gtk-sharp-list] Gtk libraries

Elmar Haneke elmar at haneke.de
Wed Oct 10 16:25:36 UTC 2012

> Thanks, but there is an option in MonoDevelop under menu -> Project ->
> Options -> GTK# Settings:
> "Target Gtk# version:"
> There is only the option "2.1.2". Thus, It appears that there is
> exactly a switch in MD, but I have no idea how to enable a choice.

This does select which gth-sharp to be used. "2.12" is the latest one.
To build for older Gtk-Sharp you have to install them as an addon.

> That does not appear to be true; I have copied the binaries into a
> place where mono can find them at runtime, and I get issues, such as
> hanging on exiting.

You have to overwrite the old files delivered with mono.

> How do people use the greatest Gtk binaries with Gtk#? This seems to
> be a such a basic issue. -Doug 

I'm using them with my application by copying the binaries to the
applications directory. I did not try to let MonoDevelop itself run with
updated gtk binaries.

The Gtk 2.24 might have some incompatibilities since it is an migration
step to GTK3.


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