[Gtk-sharp-list] viewers for different file types

Rampage atomikramp at email.it
Sat Sep 4 11:47:14 EDT 2010

Hello everyone,
sorry but i'm pretty noob with GTK# so i'm here to ask you about this 
issue i'm dealing with.

when i work with .NET on windows i have the capability of using 
components from other applications to integrate with my apps, for 
instance if i have to render a webpage i can use the internet explorer 
component and plug it into my app, the same goes for PDF files word 
files etc etc.

i was wondering:
is there something similar in gtk#?
for instance is there a component that allows me to render a PDF?
i've seen there is a webkit component for mono, and i'm going to use it 
for html and web pages, but i don't know what can i use for PDF or other 
filetypes i may have to deal with, like audio file or video files or 

it would be cool if i could use components from gnome archiver to 
display the content of a zip file and use its functions to extract files 
to disk etc.

thanks in advice for the help

Best regards

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