[Gtk-sharp-list] Web Content in Fullscreen App

Kevin Heeney koheeney at gmail.com
Thu Jan 7 21:20:49 EST 2010

This question is more hypothetical than practical for now, but I would like
to try something like this if I can figure it out.

I am curious what the best method would be, if possible at all, to display
web content (and allow interaction by the user) in a full screen application
like a game that uses OpenGL.  Imagine an iframe, but in a game, or a
WebBrowser control but not in a form.  I figure that if there is a framework
that can take the appropriate parameters like an OpenGL view for rendering
and mouse input params for interaction, then it might be doable.

I looked into WebKit.  They make a reference to something called WebKit API:
"The WebKit embedding API provides clients with a public API for loading,
displaying and manipulating Web content.", but if you click the link, it
says, "needs to be written."

Any thoughts?
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