[Gtk-sharp-list] KeyPressEvent with F-keys and Hotkeys

Francesco PIRANEO G. fpiraneo at iface.ch
Sat Apr 17 03:45:53 EDT 2010

Hi Jacek,

I try to answer at your question:
> (i) Is the code "L1" for [F11] normal...I mean, will the [F11] on any keyboard 
> map to "L1"? And if someone owns a keyboard with more than 12 F keys (yeah 
> yeah, the good old IBM 3270 keyboards with 24 F keys), can this "scheme" be 
> continued?
I got the same! So I think is quite normal; unfortunately I don't have a 
3270 keyboard so I'm not sure the scheme continues...

> (ii) What about keyboards with non-standard hotkeys: There are many, many 
> different models on the market, but is there any kind of "standard" in Gtk# 
> like the virtual keys (for instance, "VK_CANCEL") in Java?
Sorry about that: I don't have any information about. Have you tried to 
investigate on gtk reference manual?


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