[Gtk-sharp-list] Monodevelop 2.0: Stock Icons and Gtk.IconFactory issue

Aniello Di Nardo dinardo at creasoftware.net
Sat Dec 5 06:28:25 EST 2009

I've "Monodevlop 2.2 beta1" on Win32 and "Monodevelop 2.0" on Ubuntu.
After added images file into Stock Icons, when build and run the 
application receive the follow message:
GLib.GException: Failed to open file 
'/MonoDev/TestApp/bin/Debug/./bin/Debug/resources/exit22.png': No such 
file or directory
infact, into the "generated.cs" file there are the follow rows code:
Gtk.IconFactory w1 = new Gtk.IconFactory();
Gtk.IconSet w2 = new Gtk.IconSet(new 
w1.Add("Exit", w2);
If I manually edit the file path to "resources/exit22.png" the 
application run normally, but if I edit again the Stock Icons window 
the problem return.
Please... can I Fix this issue?
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