[Gtk-sharp-list] How to share the same theme with Pidgin on Windows XP?

刘鹏 liupengf12 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 21:51:39 EST 2009


I installed Pidgin and Tomboy Notes at the same time on Windows XP, I
install the GTK+ runtime manually from
here<http://gtk-win.sourceforge.net/home/index.php/en/Home> because
of this install includes a GTK+ Preference
Tool<http://gtk-win.sourceforge.net/home/index.php/Gtk2Prefs>, it
is an utility for easy theme and font switching for GTK+ applications.
I'm using theme for Pidgin is Clearlooks and using a custom font: Microsoft
But the Tomboy Notes is using MS-Windows theme, it is possible let GTK-sharp
using the Pidgin's theme?

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