[Gtk-sharp-list] NPlot.Gtk.PlotSurface an physical to world

Brad Taylor brad at getcoded.net
Mon Oct 6 09:31:24 EDT 2008

Hey Kiff,

> i try to create an analysing program with some charting. i need now to get
> from an mouse event (physical if i understand correctly) on the
> NPlot.Gtk.PlotSurface2D the position converted to the world position from
> the XAxis.
> Under the windows api is these an simple step but under gtk i think some
> physicalMin and physicalMax values are missing.
> Can propably someone help me how i can get this work?

Just to throw this in to the discussion, there's a managed Gtk# graph[1]
included with Medsphere.Widgets[2] that will probably do exactly what
you want it to.  It already provides events for selection, focus, and
support for tooltips.  It's licensed under the LGPL, so you should be
able to include it in whatever you're working on.

If you have any questions with it, let me know.



[1] http://medsphere.org/projects/widgets/wiki/Graph
[2] http://medsphere.org/projects/widgets/

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