[Gtk-sharp-list] Medsphere Gtk# 2.12.3 installer

Cody Russell bratsche at gnome.org
Thu Oct 2 17:00:06 EDT 2008

I finally took the time to update Medsphere's installer files for Gtk#
2.12 today, and I made and posted a first release for 2.12.3 [1].

Medsphere is not planning to use Gtk# 2.12 any time soon, and as such we
obviously don't intend to support installer releases of 2.12 or 2.14
until we need them ourselves.  We'd love to, but we don't have the
resources.  This obviously doesn't align well with the needs and wants
of the community, so my plan is to contribute our installer sources
upstream Very Soon[tm].

My long term plan has been that I want to get gtk.org distributing its
own official msi installer and official .msm for each of the pieces
(pango, cairo, gtk, etc).  The idea then being that other projects (such
as gtk#) can consume those msm files for their own installers.

I'll be in Boston for the Gnome Summit this month, where Brad and I are
planning to get the installer ready for upstream.

/ Cody

[1]. http://bzr.medsphere.com/~cody/installers/

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