[Gtk-sharp-list] Gtk# Databindings

mlgs at arsis.net mlgs at arsis.net
Thu Mar 27 23:26:35 EDT 2008

Gtk.DataBindings v0.98.4.1 are out, suggested version is as always svn.

Now site has somehow quick tutorials on specifics and as most important...
there are screencasts (7 of them) how to work with Gtk.DataBindings and
System.Data.Bindings which were separated out of Gtk.DataBindings
somewhere along the way.

System.Data.Bindings are pluggable data-gui or data-anything live transfer
engine and I plan to use them forward in next project which will probably
be reporting engine.

Site is

And one more thing, for everyone interested in speeding up creation of
database bindings (which have come quite long way), there is need for
special CellRenderer classes. So, if you think you need it, you have time
and knowledge, this is a way help.

I'm always on IRC #mono and #monodevelop as mm, so feel free to contact me
there, but e-mail I don't read (but if you think once every 5 months is
fast you're welcome to contact me over e-mail:)


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