[Gtk-sharp-list] Bugs in TreeModelFilter.custom and TreeModelAdapter.custom

Christian Hoff christian_hoff at gmx.net
Thu Mar 27 09:29:27 EDT 2008


I have figured out two related bugs in the TreeModelFilter and 
TreeModelAdapter classes of Gtk#.

Since the SetValue(iter, column, value) methods are not members of the 
underlying Gtk+ TreeModel class, they have been added in the Gtk# 
implementation(in TreeModel.custom). This makes sense because the two 
main implementors of this interface - TreeStore and ListStore - both 
provide these methods.

But the TreeModelFilter(which also extends these interfaces) does NOT 
implement these SetValue methods. That's why Gtk# has to call the 
SetValue method of the child model whenever this method is called in the 

Currently Gtk# assumes that there is a SetValue method for the 
TreeModelFilter(something like tree_model_filter_set_value) and calls it 

public void SetValue (Gtk.TreeIter iter, int column, object value) {
     SetValue (iter, column, new GLib.Value (value));

But this function is calling itself since a GLib.Value is also an 
object. This finally leads to a stack overflow when calling this method 
from a Gtk.TreeModelFilter.

I have fixed this error via calling the SetValue method of the child model:

this.Model.SetValue(this.ConvertIterToChildIter(iter), column, value);

There is just one case when this solution won't work: When using a 
ModifyFunc that replaces the original columns in the child model(then 
the column number in the filter cannot be converted into an "original" 
column number in the child model). But as I already reported(maybe a bit 
angrily) the ModifyFunc won't work anyway with Gtk#(or at least it has 
not worked half a year ago). Maybe a check should be implemented whether 
the user has set up a ModifyFunc on the filter and then, if so, throw an 

The second similar bug affects the TreeModelAdapter. Calling the 
SetValue methods will also result in a stack overflow due to the same 
reason. But this time the adapter has to pass the call to SetValue 
method of the implementor class. I implemented this functionality using 
reflection and the Invoke() method of the MethodInfo class. A better or 
more faster solution is in my opinion not possible.

I have attached two patches for the mentioned problems, both are tested 
and work for me; I would be great if you commit them or post me a little 

Christian Hoff
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