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Mike Kestner mkestner at gmail.com
Fri Jan 25 10:51:42 EST 2008

On Jan 25, 2008 8:16 AM, Bjoern Schiessle <bes at schiessle.org> wrote:

> But i wonder what is the correct behaviour? The example here[1] doesn't
> uses the destroy() statement at the end. Intuitional i would say that
> the example is correct and that i don't need this statement. The
> behaviour of the close button should be implemented already in the
> close-button-handler of the Gtk.AboutDialog.

The example doesn't have a Destroy call because the program ends immediately
after the Run call.  If you want the Dialog to go away on close, you should
either hide or destroy it when the Run call is done.  All Dialog subclasses
require this type of cleanup.

As far as why it works on fedora vs ubuntu, it's hard to provide any
reasonable response without knowing more details, like code, Gtk# versions,
Gtk+ versions, etc...

The short answer is, the Destroy () call is correct.

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