[Gtk-sharp-list] ParamethrizedThreadNotify class

Abramov Daniel ex at vingrad.ru
Fri Oct 26 19:24:30 EDT 2007

Hello! I've written kind of wrapper for ThreadNotify class, if you want to
pass a parameter(s) to the method being invoked.
Thought it might be useful for some, so I post it here. Hope you'll add it
to SVN/

using System;
using Gtk;

namespace Gtk
    public delegate void ParametherizedReadyEvent<T> (T param);

    public class ParametherizedThreadNotify<T>
        private ThreadNotify te;
        private ParametherizedReadyEvent<T> pre;
        private T param;

        public ParametherizedThreadNotify (ParametherizedReadyEvent<T> pre)
            this.pre = pre;
            this.te = new ThreadNotify (this.ReadyEvent);

        private void ReadyEvent ()
            this.pre (this.param);

        public void WakeupMain (T param)
            this.param = param;
            this.te.WakeupMain ();

It's just that simple so I just copied it from clipboard and did not upload
the file.
I've tested it, and that works.

Best regards,
Daniel Abramov aka Exception
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