[Gtk-sharp-list] TreeModelFilter and VisibleColumn

Michael Fasolino Michael_Fasolino at raytheon.com
Thu May 3 09:27:30 EDT 2007

Here is another one that seems like it should be easy enough, but I can’t 
quite figure out how to get it done.

I have a TreeStore that is displayed in a TreeView.  I have set up a 
filter like so:
    InjectionFilter = new Gtk.TreeModelFilter(AllMessagesModel, null);
    InjectionTreeView.Model = InjectionFilter;
    InjectionFilter.VisibleColumn = (int)MsgColumn.IsVisible;

I want to be able to show an element’s children without showing the 
parent.  The problem is that when I set all the children’s IsVisible cells 
to true and set the parent’s IsVisible cell to false the whole tree is 
hidden.  It seems like the filter is only keying off of the parent’s 
IsVisible cell.  Is there a way to make the filter also pay attention to 
the children’s IsVisible cell so that I can hide the parent, but display 
the children?

Thanks for the help!

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