[Gtk-sharp-list] Memory leak on Windows

Jim Norman jnorman at novell.com
Wed May 2 18:05:22 EDT 2007

This code appears to produce a memory leak on windows, but not on linux.
What gives?
Thanks in advance.
using System;
using System.Text;
using Gtk;
namespace Test
    class Test
        static void Main(string[] args)
            Gtk.TreeStore ts = new TreeStore(typeof(string), typeof(string[]));
            Gtk.TreeView tv = new TreeView();
            tv.Model = ts;
            while (true)
                string temp = "Name";
                string[] saArray = new string[2];
                saArray[0] = "first";
                saArray[1] = "last";
                ts.AppendValues(temp, saArray);
                long memalloc = GC.GetTotalMemory(true);
                Console.WriteLine("Memory usage: {0}", memalloc.ToString());
                Console.WriteLine("press enter to continue");
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