[Gtk-sharp-list] Not underline Treeview column title

Peter Johanson latexer at gentoo.org
Sun Mar 11 15:00:20 EDT 2007

On Sun, Mar 11, 2007 at 03:43:51PM +0100, lordphoenix wrote:
> Hi 
> I have treeview column name wiht an "_".
> I should like that column appears as is without next characters
> after "_" be underline.
> Someone know how I can do this?

If all else fails, you can set the TreeViewColumn's "Widget" property to
be your own Gtk.Label, and set that Label's Text property instead of its
Markup property (as it seems TreeViewColumn does with its default button
label widget).


Peter Johanson
<latexer at gentoo.org>

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