[Gtk-sharp-list] Couple of easy ones

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at whitemice.org
Wed Apr 11 21:46:03 EDT 2007

> Thirdly, I'm presently having to do context menus myself and they 
> look dumb. Can I display a floating MenuBar widget somehow? Better 

Perhaps a menubar in an undecorated window?

> yet is there a context menu widget I don't know about? I can see 
> events for context menus and have read several posts requesting info 
> about it but I can't find any actual info.

By context menu do you mean a popup menu that appears on right-click?

> Sorry, a lot of the questions I have probably seem extra dumb because 
> I'm doing all this without Glade and my GUI has two fairly complex 
> custom controls that are taking up most of my time - always fun when 
> you're new to the API to begin with. :-) I'm managing to overcome 
> most problems but these have had me stumped from the start. Thanks in 
> advance for any info,

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