[Gtk-sharp-list] DllNotFoundException

Laurent Debacker debackerl at gmail.com
Sun May 21 05:13:13 EDT 2006

Hi !

I have installed Gtk# 2.7.1 from
http://forge.novell.com/modules/xfmod/project/?gtks-inst4win on Windows XP.

However my application crashes because the DllNotFoundException is raised
telling me that gconf-2 could not be found, the same happens with gnomeui-2.

I can see libraries named libgnomeui-2-0.dll and libgconf-2-4.dll in my
C:\GTK\2.8\bin directory. Also I have added that directory to my PATH
environment variable, but it does not help.

I use the 2.8 version of assemblies, and most samples works.

Thank you,
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