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Jeroen Zwartepoorte jeroen.zwartepoorte at gmail.com
Fri Sep 23 07:09:09 EDT 2005

Hi Darryl,

You might try the "gdl" module in gnomecvs. That's the original C
code. It *might* contain some docs iirc. Up until now, gdl-dock was
used by ~3 applications: scaffold, anjuta and monodevelop. All three
have at least one contributor that's also an author/contributor of the
docking widget itself, so there hasn't been a lot of motiviation to
document the API. Feel free to start doing so though (the bits which
are obvious).

I haven't worked on gdl for a while so i'm not the best person to
comment on your specific issues.



On 9/23/05, Darryl Pentz <darryl.pentz at attix5.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> We've managed to yank all the GDL code out of the MonoDevelop source and
> we've built a gdl-sharp.dll so that we can use the docking behaviour in an
> app we're developing at our company.
> I've been playing with the GdlDockTest app and have to say I find it VERY
> frustrating. Not least of which is the fact that I find scant little
> documentation on this code. I realize it's not a shipped part of GTK# but
> nevertheless, one would expect there would be some useful HOWTO coverage of
> this code *somewhere* to encourage others to make use of it.
> I found some disparate comments in a few newsgroup threads but none of it is
> consistent with the behaviour of the docking object model. For instance:
> - when setting a DockItemBehaviour to NeverFloating, it makes no difference.
> Good luck when you click on the DockBar button... it floats one time, then
> docks the next, then floats, then docks, then floats, then floats... almost
> as if by some random cosmic logic.
> - adding certain event handlers are futile. DockBar.ButtonPressEvent and
> DockBar.ButtonReleaseEvent are two examples. My breakpoints don't get
> reached.
> Does this code actually work properly, and if so, has anybody got any decent
> documentation on it (although some comments in the code would have also been
> useful)? The main issue for me right now (I'm sure others will follow) is
> the unpredictable/uncontrollable behaviour when a DockItem is iconified, and
> then uniconified. There's nothing obvious in the API which suggests a way to
> trap the event and determine where the dock item should be rendered. It's
> this haphazard behaviour that is very frustrating.
> Any help or links would be greatly appreciated.
> - Darryl Pentz
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